Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Letter From Fukushima: koyomi renku



a glance and a nod
then right out the door
spring snow

the moving guys squat
wrestling the quilt box

ebb tide
releases its grip
of flotsam and jetsam

a jerry-built shack
under comma-shaped clouds

broken glass
in the ice field
the moon all the same

two cocktail's wet rings
merge on the bar


after we finish
belly laughs
wobble the bedsprings

wings of geese beat
auguries into the wind

this new appliance
sends a text
when the colors are done

in haikai spirit
the letter from Fukushima

trumpet vine
blooms jazz notes
above the hedgerow

the brightness of salt
on morning's air

bandit / govindajohn

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Friday, May 14, 2010



A writing exercise conceived by one Mr. John E. Carley
to facilitate the creation and understanding
of modern renku poetry forms.


all the blackbirds
eye balling each other
strung out / jm

surfing debt on a
slow fuse to China / jec

satellite dishes
pointing south
dance with the stars / jm

etched on the emu's egg
yam dreaming / l


cherry blossom
drifts by my mouth
and disappears / jm

loving every moment
a mayfly / jec

each and every
glass of water
full of gratitude / jm

the syrup all spun
into fairy floss / l


Saturday, April 10, 2010

spring shisan


Tumbling Down The Alley

side 1 jo-preface

sp bl)

cherry sapling
pavements and peeling brick
blushed by early light


the detritus of years past
tumbles down the alley


from this vantage
faceless voices below
ring familiar

side 2 ha-development

ns su lv)

a dew of sweat
favors her upper lip

su ns lv)

as we age together
you remain
so hard to please


there's always applause
for bad karaoke

side 3 ha-intensification

ns au mn)

without fanfare
overpowered by funk
and the Texas big beat


the headlong leap
into crisp leaves

au ns mn)

harvest festival
a dulled moon staggers
through the door

side 4 kyu-finale


a tipple with Alice
through the looking glass

wi ns)

these parables
only we understand

ns wi)

clouds in water
pierced by the whale's song


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rengay: Metamorphasis


eye shadow
bright blue butterflies
give me a wink / jm

Marvin K. Mooney
has lost his I.D. / ws

those saloon doors
of A.A.
swing both ways / jm

handing the barkeep
a ten year medallion...
"my name's Bill" / ws

the wet straw wrapper
wriggling like a worm / jm

a tattered obi
shrunken and faded / ws


Rengay: Smile


buenos dias
was all it took
silver capped teeth / jm

his designer jeans
the cutting edge / ws

pink bougainvillea
when the wind blows
on the fence / jm

screen savers
to fit any mood...
just that easy! / ws

cute little kittens
left in the trash / jm

of the tenement
painted shut / ws

a rengay poem by
John Merryfield and William Sorlien


Monday, June 15, 2009

Rengay: Damp Earth

a black butterfly
chases the cloud
damp earth / ws

what's up is down
ceiling spider / jm

ducks on the church roof
stand witness in the rain
afternoon nap / ws

granite moraine
waiting for the next
glacial movement / jm

hard liqour and beer
business picks up after 5 / ws

black ant
pulling a centipede / jm

John Merryfield
William Sorlien

June 19, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Renhai: the signs, still the same

wrong turn
at the Stahl House Bar
the sign's still the same

old graybeard on the stoop
of #8 Winter Street

Dillinger and the Barker Gang
laying low
red cobblestones